A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 136

Day 136
Topic: New Beginnings
Topic given by a_searching_soul

Mountains filled with flesh
Larger than the existing eye of the clouds
Ruined by yesterday’s metaphors for joy
Building hope for today’s destruction
Civilization comes and goes
On our scale, we refuse to understand it
Lost in translation
A circle trying to find the balance
We live in the ruins of our lost selves
On repeat
With the hope that tomorrow’s mistakes
Will make it better
Our will to make it better
Our wills will not make it better
Only secure the cornerstones left at the foot
Of the rising mountain

We are made in the image of tomorrow
We are lost in yesterday’s thought
We are the dreamers of dreams
We are the beginning of our past

We are the smallest part possible
In the biggest puzzle made possible
For our imagination to figure out

And we will never get it
The beginning is just a word
To please us

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