A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 135

Day 135
Topic: connectivity
Topic given by stacilys

In a dying need
For contact
Words spoken from the triangle
Inside of the heart
Bonded through emotions and words

Need more refill
As the days goes by
Running towards the leap of death
With words painted on every emotion
Carried on the wings of man

She jumped
Into the arms of an unknown beast
Just for the matter to relate
To make a connection
With someone who could be close

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7 Responses to A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 135

  1. flippyzipflop says:

    Can you leave a ping back or give me the web address to this challenge? I’d like to take a look at it.

  2. flippyzipflop says:

    Ok… cancel that. How do I become a member of the challenge?

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