A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 128

Day 128
Topic: Like a girl
Topic given by Cteavin

She had the mind of a flower
waiting for every opportunity around every corner
to blossom into full spring
will stronger than the eroding mountains
stretching towards the sky
through the hard soil and gravel
to stay on top
she was a human being
being hungry
at always reaching past her best
passing every test she took
being thirsty for more knowledge
wise enough to know that wisdom
always comes at a later stage in life
But that the beginning starts now
right here
and she
she has begun, sprinting out those blocks
no obstacle is big enough
she is the wind
she is the earth she threads on
more than just a girl
she is a human being
more than just a girl
she is everyone carried in herself
more than: a girl
because that is a mark she made sure
she would never have as a weight on her shoulders
She is aware that it will be the sign
that she will carry on her forehead
every time she will try to achieve something
Yes, you are good, for a girl
these results are the best
you aced the rest of the girls in your class
always making sure that tests
seem different based on sex
remember to stay sexy like a girl should
sexy could take you places
sexy could make you famous
sexy could make you work less
sexy is the new best
so remember to stay sexy
no pressure,
its just that bad press
will make you gain less

This girl stayed off that pressure
no girl, like girl gestures
just a strive to be her best
the best human being she could be
the one that she would want to see
in the mirror every morning
and feel good about herself
from who she really was

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3 Responses to A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 128

  1. Fantastic. Excellent representation of today’s sexism.

  2. Cteavin says:

    Good job!
    I especially liked the idea that she carries within her all the women of the past and then laying out the expectation that she define her self by sex, not the positive maternal identification but the action and the object of desire for others — and she choses her own path.

    Did you like the video? I was moved.

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