Get “A lifecycle in Nihighnigma” for Kindle. For Free!!

For the next five days the book is free on Amazon

I have an offer you can´t refuse at the moment. So If you have a Kindle, and you have had doubt if you wanted to spend money on my poetry collection since I am not a well known author.

Then you don´t have an excuse no more. I have put it out on Amazon Kindle for free until the 31st of June, so do not wait for it, go in, and get yourself a copy right now, and make a review of it if you want to as well

Get the book by pushing here: A Life Cycle in Nihighnigma

About the book:

A Lifecycle in Nihighnigma is situated in an utopian fantasy universe called Nihighnigma. We follow a world from the beginning of man, its first steps and meetings with spirituality. It contains poetry touching every aspect of being a humanBook cover front and what a world could be if we as human had all power lying in the choices we made. We follow this Universe from creation to death, and then rebirth in the hands of ego.

Nihighnigma is a product of poetry, written from conversation about existentialism between Espen Stenersrod and his now late friend over a time period of 13 years and how a universe of ours would look like if nothing but emotions would rule it.




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3 Responses to Get “A lifecycle in Nihighnigma” for Kindle. For Free!!

  1. V. Alarcón-Córdoba says:

    Just downloaded it to my Nexus 7. Look forward to reading it.

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