New Author Page on Amazon

I am happy to announce that I finally got my own author Page on Amazon

It is never easy as an author to know how or what to do in order to promote your self published books. The reader will always be the winner in today’s book market, with millions of titles to pick from. A reader will also have the help of others telling them what to read, and make suggestions themselves on what others should read as well. This benefits the writers that have huge publishing agencies that can make sure that enough people suggest a book to others.

Amazon has in the later days, because of the digital age we are living in, made it possible for smaller writers, new writers and independent writers to publish their books, on their own. Making platforms that are easy to adapt to, and create the tools necessary to be seen. They provide the tools, but you have to do all the dirty work yourself, and work really hard to be noticed. I mean years and years of consistent hard work, I am into my second year as a writer, and I am not even close to manage what I want yet. I knew where to begin, but to progress from there has been hard. I do see a little light in the end of the tunnel though, and know consistency is key for a fresh new writer no one has ever heard about. So in the past month I have started my own facebook page , my own Website and now my own Author Page on Amazon. I have made sure that my books are easy to order, so if you feel like supporting an author of poetry trying to figure out a way to share his words with the world. Please order a copy of my books.

Please share your thoughts and comments in the commentary field underneath here as well

Author page



Espen Stenersrød


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4 Responses to New Author Page on Amazon

  1. stevieboy56 says:

    Publishing is easy in today’s digital world, getting some heat, getting some attention, that’s a different ball game!

  2. AJ says:


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