A 365 Daily challenge – Day 113

Day 113
Topic: Malevolence
Topic given by Andrie Steen-Rulifson

His conscience wore a thousand dark winters
frostbites on his iris
eyelids weary from the imaginary snowfall
slightly blinded by the good in him
No interest of acting it out

He kept his secrets close to his heart
and his enemies even closer
never exposed
His wishes was his own commands
the true venom
infiltration of cruelty and bitterness
made up to make others suffer

a malice not just towards them
also to himself
he hated the winters he carried
as a result, he hated them more

They should suffer in a winter solstice
And breath in the first breath towards summer
as their last
so he could fill his lungs
with his antidote

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2 Responses to A 365 Daily challenge – Day 113

  1. I can visualize this- love it!!!

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