A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 111

Day 111
Topic: Society smothers Creativity
Topic given by anangelofdarkness

A thought
Can’t shake it
been brewing underneath layers of subconsciousness
Aware that time will eat it up
But can’t shake it
This thought
Could bring down the layers you have painted on your surfaced smile
This thought
Could create a paradigm,
a shift of cycles
Stretch the meaning of a word
From grayskulls to green morning fresh meadows, ready for the first two feet, dancing in between its presence
Aware still
Time will eat it up
Bit by bit
Starting with the cornerstones
Eating its way through the imagery
That built this thought
Slowly fade away
Time ate it
It wasn’t the right hour
You had to figure out the figures for the next decade, to save face
It wasn’t accepted to take a break
From all of it
To extend your thought
Pointed fingers stared at you
Eyes gave you thumbs down
Even your closest made you guilty of your thoughts
What if your numbers where wrong
Impact on anyone but you
And now my thought is gone too

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One Response to A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 111

  1. quirknjive says:

    I inadvertently unfollowed your blog! Yikes! Okay. Back and following. Don’t know how you’re doing this 365 day challenge. Great work.

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