A 365 Daily Challenge : Day 94

Day 94
Topic: neglected lyrics
Topic given by Emilie Stangeby

Four words
Four lines
Eight stanzas
Descriptive emotions
Bloody fingertips
Re-lived and rewritten
One song
Base foundation for a melody

Melody not entertaining enough
No one cared about the word neglect
Like you did
No one saw the beauty
Entertainment only

I took a selfie
Suited up
Hashtagged movement
what was expected
Lyrics gone in one song

Felt bad

Wrote a book instead


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6 Responses to A 365 Daily Challenge : Day 94

  1. Purnimodo says:

    Darn.. I somehow thought you had a gun sticking out form your pocket but it’s tatoo.. yup time for new glasses! 😉

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