Day 100 is coming up, here is this years competition

submit the ultimate topic for great prizes

Day 100 in the 365 daily Challenge is coming up, and I have been wondering what to do with it, to make it a little bit special. The hundreds needs to be marked I think.

After long thought I landed on this: you come with suggestions on what you see as the ultimate topic to write on, and I will pick the most original, mind bending, mind blowing and challenging one. You can submit more than one, but only one at the time.

The winner, or the deliverer of the topic, will receive a small package containing a signed copy of ” A lifecycle in Nihighnigma” and a specially designed t-shirt with the date, your name and the poem you chose the topic for.

Check out the challenge here and bring on those topics


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1 Response to Day 100 is coming up, here is this years competition

  1. I couldn’t agree more with the sentiments on your picture! Never apologize. Your art is everything!

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