A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 83

Day 83
Topic: Time
Topic given by erinthierney

Everything moves but you
Slowly aging in the same spot
As images come and go
standing up straight
Bone structure gets crisper
While you build muscles around it
To bear the heavy weights
On your shoulders

Images come and go
Creating a wall of intricate objects
One step always matching the next
Towards the premise
You are guided through questions
Bliss, anger
tragedies and joy
But time always manage to land on both feet
Then one step beautifully followed
By the next

Standing up straight
That is all you can do
To fight the cruelty in some of your visions
You stand there, silent
Completely still
As the world moves around you
Measuring the time you have left
You hear the images whisper about it
In the wind
As you try to kiss the surface
where you gonna lay down

The bone structure gets crisper
Whispers turn to voices
Fear, for no time
Peace, from these voices

While you build muscles around it
To keep up with time
You stay fit to carry the crisp bones
To silence the skeletons
You carry around your arm wrist
If only your back would respond
In the same way
You would manage to look every thing
In its eyes

To bear the heavy weights
You crafted a safe shell to wear
Muted screams from the images
Sounds just like whispers
While you sleep

On your shoulders
You bore your life with pride
When images faded
And time stopped
You could finally let go
Of your hands and fall


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