A 365 Daily Challenge : Day 82

Day 82
topic: Deserted
Topic given by Michael Kobernus

Naked skin of dirty brown
worn to the ground
heavy steps leaves heated trails behind
sense of motion in the frame

The old pride it used to wear
is slowly escaping too
same dirty brown,
with a slighter touch of nature
Wooden boards splintered
dreaming of a past
where it still remembered
its origin
where it was one with the others
before everything left

swirling around the wooden boards
can´t protect itself from it
becoming less of what it once were

by every thing
as life died
around it
trees faded
grass turned to dust
they all wore the presence of a breathing demon
in the presence of nothing
they could no longer inhale other than dead air
so they will wear it on their skin
until the dirty brown turns grey
then dissolve
and no trace is left to wander


Copyright Photo  All rights reserved Christina Venedict


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