How would you describe me?

Greetings my fellow writers, musicians and readers

I am reaching out to you tonight, because I am trying to find an answer to a question that is hard to find on your own. I am off course a little bit aware of what type of writing I do, but trying to explain that in a short sentence or two is extremely hard, especially since I do have to consider the opinion of others in order to answer that, I know what I write, but what others sense is a different thing.

So my Question is simple: How would you best describe my poetry in two sentences, or even one?

Hoping for some clear answers here




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15 Responses to How would you describe me?

  1. deep well mystic discourse with an edge

  2. joleefinch183 says:

    Attention-grabbing and memorable.
    (And that’s saying a lot, by the way.) ^^
    Keep up the good work.

  3. Welcoming and mysterious

  4. chad waller says:

    You’re poems are what I expect from the category: Free Verse

  5. su'eddie says:

    Deep, beautiful and spontaneous…

  6. Chess says:

    Beautiful and evocative.

  7. niaaeryn says:

    Insightful into the human condition in both the modern and universal sense. And my favorite is when there is hope in the poem or touching the beauty of Nature.

  8. soulimpulse says:

    impressionistic. 🙂

  9. simon7banks says:

    Engaged, searching, compassionate, sometimes startling. I think “discourse” is a good word because SOMETIMES it doesn’t seem quite as formed and illogically linked as poetry, even “free verse”, often is.

  10. vsvevg says:

    At present I would say. Dedicated and literal. It is an incredibly difficult task you have taken on. I admire your fortitude. I like your using your name.

  11. kamib314 says:

    The thruth of big and difficult things described so easy that i think most people never could have imagined it. That you dont ned moore, its deep in the deep. Interesting to read something you understand instead of those poems trying to be advanced.

    Noticed that you use the word mirror a lot, and eyes.
    And i wish that some poems would be longer.

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