A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 78

Day 78
Topic: Crystals
Topic given by Fledgling

Blue emerald
Finding a moment’s relief
In the shadows of the moonlight
Ancient destinies
shaped it to perfection
Eroded by the wrath of mother nature
As she laid her love on her rocks
To punish predators for their abuse
Ice cold surface
Created beauty in the eyes of the hunter
While the children of the light
Just wanted to stay safe in the arms of their mother.

She had to let some of them go
The pain of knowing
Her red rubies being picked like flowers
By the dirty hands of a robber
A robber of more than her virgin stones
Hands painted in blood
As the mother cries her brave tears
Of anger and remorse

Of babies
Crystals that blossom in the night
Shedding lights on our awareness
Balancing our emotions
On a scale filled with darkness and sunlight
Each rock,
rocks the cradle of content
Waking us
To see the truth in their teary eyes

When we are just blinded by the light
We tend to forget the shadows in the back

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