A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 77

Day 77
Topic: mirrors
Topic given by poetica82

Hand raised
On both sides
Can no longer distinguish
If I lifted it first or not
It smiles towards me
Get this warm feeling of satisfaction
Contagious and repetitive movement
I would much rather see it, than feel it
But right now
All I can feel is the muscles pulling together with my cheekbones to create a resembling smile
Like I was pleasing someone

Discomfort spreads in the reflecting face
I notice how the eyes is worn differently
A face without a carrier
Stale expression
The elevated hand moves slowly towards the face
Palm kisses the forehead
Slides down
It is gone
Caught in pitch black now
I don’t want to experience this nothiness,
so I slowly make it alive again,
it looks at me through its fingers
A little distressed, but comforted
By the fact, that light strikes its pressence once more

It slams both palms towards me
And I follow
Creating a chain with our arms
I look it deep in its eyes
Where I haven’t moved before
And I can not decide wich side I belong to anymore
Could I be the leader of this face?
Or am I being led?
I vanish deeper and deeper
Into the reflection of myself

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One Response to A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 77

  1. This is really amazing…. Superb….. Loved every verse…. 🙂

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