A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 71

Day 71
Topic: concrete wall
Topic given by Christian Teisnes

Modern consumption
A century gave birth
To those who threw the first stone
In the beginning
we crushed the stones to dust
Small fragments
That seemed to be worthless

But every fragment
carried history within them
A history built by the forces of the good and evil

While some of us
tried to craft the beauty that lied in every grain, to form a connection
Others used only the bigger pictures
To connect and divide us by a wall
We saved a lot of grains from demolition
We kept some beauty that we still share
But the great concrete walls
Try to cast shadows over what we are

Split, divide and conquer
Carries every lost grain
The brushed surface holds no recognition of it
So we become more and more connected to the wall
Beauty and warmth
Serves more the purpose of a friendly reminder
Of what we once stood for as humans

While the wall still dividing our soul


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2 Responses to A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 71

  1. split divide and conquer, loving that and the amazing earthy mountainous space

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