Submit your readings and songs for the 365 Podcast episode 3


I have once again gotten some terrific readings and songs from you guys. You have done an amazing job so far, and the listeners can really look forward to some really heartfelt emotions in the next week.

The concept is real easy, You find your favorite poem in the challenge so far, record your own interpretation of that poem, with whatever equipment you have, and then send it to me and I will air a new episode every month

If you want to submit your readings or your songs you can send it to:


While waiting for the next, here is the last month episode

Peace love and unity

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6 Responses to Submit your readings and songs for the 365 Podcast episode 3

  1. MesAyah says:

    Reblogged this on MesAyah – From Pen To Mouth and commented:

    A friendly reminder to my talented artists

  2. Anthony says:

    Very nice, some talented artists indeed.

  3. brouhaha says:

    That first song is so great.. who is this singing?

  4. nina light says:

    Hi. Can you please post your stuff so that listening to it is optional, as in I need to click the arrow to play??? Right now, I have no option because you won’t switch off, and if it appears that the only way I can switch off your audio is to unfollow you, so shall be.

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