A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 66

Day 66
Topic: Purpose
Topic given by Marquise

A fierce fireball
Generated power
From the fuses of his four chambers
Developed through coded language
A treasure hunt for the answers
Flooded his brain
Always finding lies within the truth
Threw him off course
But never blinded by them
The path he painted
From the first letters
Still there
Engraved into
The background of his veins
He knew the moment it spoke
That he had read it before
Again and again
Ever since the day he was born
It was a mere confirmation
Of him
He had to stay true to it
It was everything he had
His piece of the puzzle
Without it,
he would be a part of the living dead
A mass of nothingness
To himself

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3 Responses to A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 66

  1. incaunipocrit says:

    Reblogged this on The International Blogspaper.

  2. Perfectly beautiful:)

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