A 365 Daily Challenge : Day 65

Day 65
Topic: Possible Imagination
Topic given by worldruler007

Holding hands with the dream from last night
Right above her head
The bubble carries only one word

Her head spins backwards
Disappearing further and further in
Towards the center of her experience
Layer by layer
Deciphered by the visions
Of a dream held tight in her hands

The possibilities are equal to nothing
In reality

But there is none
Right now

Hand held tight by her dream
As it falls in love with the possibility
Of her

They could lay her and play with their bubble forever
As long as they hold hands
Everything is possible

They can imagine a world where nothing exists within them
And they only exist within the nothingness
Never ending
Their genesis
The place where they start to grow


Then tears

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2 Responses to A 365 Daily Challenge : Day 65

  1. Reblogged this on Sunflowers in the Mist and commented:
    Of purple and of
    Dreams in a bottle
    bubble-wand for pleasure

    It’s there til it’s gone

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