A 365 daily challenge : Day 61

Day 61
Topic: Monsters
Topic given by Robert Lee Brewer

Huge cloud
Formed on the imaginary wall
In great shadows
Almost in the shape of a flower
As arms are raised above your head
Scream released
hollow, projecting inwards
Bone marrow softened
Heart racing along with heavy breathing

The flower has turned against you
Shadows now surrounds your ability to see
Heavy mist
Want to be in control over your monster
But led by the demon
You follow the commands
On autopilot

Everything is wrong
The will to make it right is there
But has no correspondence with the actions
The monster is to strong
Plays a bigger part than you can handle

So in a last breath of hope
You try to come to terms
With what is killing you slowly

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2 Responses to A 365 daily challenge : Day 61

  1. Athena says:

    Brilliant! One of my favorites from you.

  2. courtknee90 says:

    Reblogged this on become-it-or-rise-above-it and commented:
    Really loving the picture that this one paints

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