If this is my last song

In september i wrote and recorded this song as a memory of a great mind, my best friend , one of those people I truly loved of all my heart.

If fate wants it this way, it would probably be the best finale to a long career.

After this song, it has been quiet, no urge to make music, just the urge to write, and to write a lot.

Together we built a sound, that can’t be produced no more. So maybe this is it. Only the future will tell.

Here is the song

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9 Responses to If this is my last song

  1. dope man, was nice to finally here a voice to match the words. keep at it…

  2. brettspadaro says:

    Reblogged this on Suburban HelL.A. and commented:
    Not mine, but i enjoyed the shit out of it

  3. anguseames says:

    Could you possibly put up the instrumental?

  4. Lee Durocher says:

    Reblogged this on New World Observations and commented:
    Nice song!!! I really enjoy the chillout vibe.

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