A 365 Daily Challenge : Day 45

Day 45
Topic: Your Dreams
Topic given by AB

What are you going to be when you grow up!
What are your dreams?

The truth is I don’t have any dreams
I have goals
But those goals I live every day
And don’t you dare to mistake them for a dream

Your Dreams
Are in a deluded place
All in all they are just an unfinished goal
Which keeps your present
On an arms length

I am going to become
Is the tightest knot we have on ourselves
As you look into the future
It leaves great marks on your body
As you twist and turn around the knot

I am
Is and will always be
The most interesting aspect of being

A dream can never tell you who you’ll be

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3 Responses to A 365 Daily Challenge : Day 45

  1. Mick Theebs says:

    An interesting thought. There is definitely a clear distinction between dreams and goals. It’s good to have both though. Your dreams shape your goals.

    Also (and I don’t mean to embarrass you) you have a typo in the third stanza- “wich” should probably be “Which.” There’s also one in the last line you”ll should be you’ll. Hope this helps, friend!

  2. kennymack2 says:

    I had a long discussion with my wife about my dreams which was finally resolved by pointing out all the dreams that I made come true. That’s when we realized that by dreams, I meant my ambitions, immediate and long term goals, whereas, she meant impossible wish, when she said dreams. My dream is never to mow the lawn but I do it. And that is my wife’s weekly”Dream” come true.(Smile) Love your stuff. P>S> Now, my Pipe dream is to play the acustic guitar like Perer Grabriel plays his instruments, and that’s taking a long long time, because I have developed a style all my own. I bought a pleasure boat, and I bought a cottage on the water, but I can’t buy the musical skill that I want, so that is a kind of pipe dream.

  3. Why live in the future when you can make it happen now? Interesting blog.

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