Kitty Reads Waking Up

Kitty sent me this reading

It is from my poem waking up wich is a part of my latest book

“A lifecycle in Nihighnigma”

Waking Up

Centerfold child dipped in the ocean
to wake from the bad dreams
with a scent of old mourn
drowned in sorrow
on the bottom of the ice cold waters
catch a breath within the new waves
hitting the surface with a gentle touch
rides them
and let the wind easily caress the beauty of a freed mind
crushed and suffocated yet again
when the hand rocks from the grave
and touch the safe cradle
rocks hard, the rocks are hard
makes digestion of the past nearly impossible
stomach filled with smaller pieces
hard to bare, but bares with it
with the dream of light shoulders
with the dream of a safe haven
just needs to dip down
once more to sleep silent
and truly wake up

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1 Response to Kitty Reads Waking Up

  1. afsheenanjum says:

    BEAUTIFUL… i enjoyed it alot…

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