A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 42

Day 42
Topic: Structures
Topic given by poetica82

Wowen patterns,
Perfect stitches, tight and embracing
No room to move around ,
in the center of a safe haven

The safe shell carried around
No room for errors
Fate and destiny tried to invite themselves
With a cold shoulder 
The weavers web was not constructed for failure and weakness

It said

It was only suppose to be safe 

The safe shell carried its master around
 Where bystanders saw patterns
 Master saw structure
 Structures of safety
 Nothing was left to coincidence

One of the threads tore
And tore open a hole to reality
The weaver cold not fix
Without altering it

Its new strings did not mix well
Rejection of the old patterns
And the patterns tore some more
Leaving holes open for the master to breath in from

Another string
More rejection, more holes
More injection of reality
For each steps, 
new strings refuse the old

The master is finally left naked in reality
One breath

Bystanders see only the structure of him
All he sees are patterns

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