A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 37

Day 37
Topic: Silenced by Shrubs
Topic given by lulu56

A small twirling branch see a glimpse of daylight as he lifts himself through the soil
Reaching towards what appears to be the sky.
A Green, thick layer of movement
 Nothing close to any of the tales he was told as a child
But then again, nothing is what it appears like under ground 
When everything around you, appears to protect you from it.

He finds himself a little bit disappointed
He had dreamed about the clear blue
With white spots embrassing a big yellow circle of life, with a fresh breath of air surrounding you.
But all was moist, everything was just green.

He asked the sky
Where are you hiding your blue colours and white shadows I’ve been dreaming of?
The green answered:
It was just a dream, we are the perception of life
And nothing lies beneath these clouds we hold in our arms.

As the years went by and the branch grew bigger, he refused to give up his dreams.
He came closer to the sky
For every day that passed
But nothing that impressed the clouds
They kept telling him the tales of the eternal green
And planted bad seeds within his dreams
His fellow trees
Told him to release himself 
 From what he believed in

And slowly he could feel that his legs wouldn’t reach no more
And his back started to lean forward

He began to slowly fade 
As the sky of green released him from the dream
He searched backwards again
Towards the ground 
With his head bent down
He could no longer see the clouds
Only the worn out body
That carried no more power
To reach out

And he still stand there 
Bowing to the clouds

In silence
 From everything

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3 Responses to A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 37

  1. abdulwajidck says:

    In silence, from everything. Poem has a free flow structure, which makes you easily slip through the poem. I would say, you are just a great one

  2. Love the poem ,lovely wording ,great creative expression

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