A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 35

Day 35
Topic: Incandescent
Topic given by Elf_hybrid

Man glowing 
Brilliance standing securely on his own two feet in the middle of nowhere
He is imagining himself a place where he could exist
The crossroads or crossing point where bliss and fade are equally present

In the state he is now
Close to alchemy
A lonely reciter of his life
He can’t reach the last peak of what he is when he is mirrored by existence.

In the state where he was
It was just mirrors
Suffocating images reciting what was not meant to be
Not dreaming of a peak, or knowing it’s existence.

There was absolutely nothing before the light struck
After it. It is this.
It would appear as nothing too, to the untrained eye who only see objects when light appears.

This is something more
But not all
And the glowing wants to touch all matters
Everything that matters

So the light continues to shine
In brilliance

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