The 365 daily challenge is for everyone!

Let us UNITE in our art

20130423-210142.jpgThe 365 daily challenge is not only just for readers and poets. It is also for  singers  dancersartists (visual arts),  sculptors etc. If you would like to use my poems from 365 to create something, will my answer be a loud and resounding yes! Music and readings are the only thing that will fit into the monthly podcast (of natural causes) but if you want to paint one of the poems, take a picture and share with me and the rest of the world (suddenly I buy it too) make an expressionistic dance and film it and then share it with the world (all dance forms included) create a sculpture of one of the pictures you get from reading them. In other words, anything goes, we all gather together in the art. THAT is the most important message of all

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5 Responses to The 365 daily challenge is for everyone!

  1. abdulwajidck says:

    Reblogged this on Ambiguity and Fraternity and commented:
    Little thought on the 365 daily challenge

  2. abdulwajidck says:

    I would like to do it, But due to the tight packed schedule I guess I can’t just do it. Even tough, checkout my blog at

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  5. Cristina says:

    Hi, thanks for following my blog. Great project and great 365 challenge, MesAyah 🙂 Looking forward to reading your poems!

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