A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 33

Day 33
Topic: search for concrete images as a launching point
Topic given by Poetica82

The search starts deep
two pieces of a heart used to launch itself
a human is formed within the chamber
ready to float into the imagery of mankind
a heart of stone
stone cold concrete surrounds him
Uses it to form the images with perfect shapes
and shape it towards the point of no return

an artist at work within the heart of the receiver
ready to launch himself into the mind to make it blossom
He have to do this right
he have to be concrete enough to reach through
and the beauty must reflect the image in a way
that creates an obsession

The launch has begun
has used the stone cold chambers to his advantage
and created the image of reflection

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1 Response to A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 33

  1. 4evrnbeyond says:

    Wow! That’s powerful stuff! I absolutely love it!

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