A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 31

Day 31
Topic: Unrequited Love
Topic given by joleefinch 183

Handed herself on a plate
Cold flesh
With warm layers of her skin
Trying to make herself inviting
Illusion of love
Resemblance of lust
Thinking this was it
The one
The second
The third
Continued to do so
Leaving herself naked every time 

She loved of all her heart
He did not even wear a heart that could resemble the size of hers
If he had one

The times he actually had a heart
Was when he refused to eat from the serving platter
That hurt less in a way

Never stopped her in believing that
He would stay an eat forever
One day
Done with late suppers and early breakfasts
One day
He would be the one
The second
The third

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4 Responses to A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 31

  1. Kennedybaby says:

    Your metaphors are so astute 🙂

  2. cwbybrick says:

    Followed & on my blog roll!

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