A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 30

Day 30
Topic: Ice
Topic given by PenniCash

Behind the glazed surface of a waterfall
I could hear a thousand voices
History that introduced itself in every layer
And spoke of much tragedy
But also relief
When I touched it, it felt smooth
In perfect shape , and slippery enough to bounce off every obstacle coming its way.

When I looked deeper
The ice shifted in character
Small cuts and bigger fleshwounds
Placed in a disturbing comfort of white
Told a story of uphieving clashes of titans 

Fight for existence
War of the world of elements
To keep existing in the original form
Or once more go through change

I could hear the silent whispers 
From the lost souls that fought 
Resonant enough to create a frequency that I could hear
As I stood there 
With the Ice
The water
And ground

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10 Responses to A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 30

  1. panikikubik says:

    Such a beautiful, deep and grounded poem. Really beautiful.

  2. Beautiful. Your doing a poem a day? What an embodiment of the Muse!

  3. filmimajja says:

    very cool poem! (pun intended) you have a gift for writing.

  4. Hey whenever you get the chance feel free to listen to my soundcloud! sound cloud.com/ dr00p …

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