Artists in 365 daily challenge podcast, Who are they?

A little introduction of the talent

Linnea Nordum

Linnea Nordum is a Norwegian artist, living in Gothenburg, Sweden.  (my bad for calling her swedish yesterday)
Everything needed to write a song is a big bucket of inspiration and her iPad. Yes, she writes every song in Garage Band!

Farah Vie

Having written or produced texts almost all her life, she has gotten the type of writing style that I like. Deep, personal thoughts and opinions integrated into a rich language brought up on Shakespeare and Poe. Has delivered more readings as well, but that is on poems outside of the Challenge. But she has promised me some more.

Michael Kobernus

Michael Kobernus is a British Novelist and writer currently living in Oslo, where he is a member of The Oslo Writing League together with me and a group of other international writers living in Oslo. He has just finished first draft of his next novel and I will present that here as soon as its ready. This is his first reading

Anne Santos

Singer songwriter and writer from South America, who I look forward to be hearing more of in the future and to get to know a little bit more as well

The last one is me, but you can all read about that in the about section.

Here you can listen to their work if you have missed it

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10 Responses to Artists in 365 daily challenge podcast, Who are they?

  1. Phen Weston says:

    Aaaaah. Where can I find a copy of the Linnea Nordum song? It’s amazing. I must have it!

  2. dehk says:

    absolutely love Linnea !

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