A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 28

Day 28
Topic: The train ride
Topic given by Farah Vie

In the last carriage
towards the last stop of the night
The personification of evil sits and awaits the drop of the final curtain

It is only him and the sound of the wheels
That exist in the here and now
He lays down the last pieces of the puzzle
In perfect rythmn
As the silence of the night
Makes it easy to exist

He sits there with a smile that truly lies
Bent towards the ground
But altered to appear in the skies
No connection to any of his centers
It is merely just a sensor
With a sense of 
how a smile would look like
If he would have known how

Prepared to create a makeshift at sunrise
His shaped surface shifts
When the ink spills the plan out on paper

Prepared for evil 
he holds the last string of hope 
he has in his hands
Tomorrow he will create change
On his own premise

A promise he made to himself
The day he died

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