The 365 daily challenge Podcast episode 1

A 365 daiy challenge podcast episode 1 is now out.

In this podcast writers, poets, authours and musicians create their versions of the poetry I produce in the 365 daily challenge.
The Concept of the 365 daily challenge is that I write and post one poem every day for a year and share it on my blog:
If you want to contribute in episode to contact me at:


1. Linnea Nordum – Fog
2. Farah Vie – Blushing Martyr
3. Michael – False Infinity
4. MesAyah – The warmest colour is blue
5. Anne Santos – Bipolar
6 .MesAyah – Silence
7. Linnea Nordum – Throathy Whisper

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15 Responses to The 365 daily challenge Podcast episode 1

  1. bwcarey says:

    great idea, we need more integration and wisdom explosions everywhere

  2. ajungleofwords says:

    This is probably my new favourite thing ever. Absolutely in love with the first one.

  3. This is is beautiful! It’s funny that it auto-played when I visited wordpress, and it caught me off guard :p. I noticed the music was coming from my laptop so I scrolled down to find where it was coming from. No regrets! I’m glad I saw this.

  4. Linger says:

    Beautiful! Well done. The first rendition was exceptional. Thank you too for featuring me. I didn’t think you were serious when you said you will 🙂

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