A 365 daily Challenge – Day 26

Day 26
Topic: Thief of dreams
Topic given by Linnea Nordum

Bore the premiss of a dream on a pedestal
Kept it close to the first layers of rem-state
So I had easy access to the story
in between my lucid dreams
and awaken state
I meet a man with dark eyes
and thin, almost see-through eyelids
that made the darkness shine through him
and everything I saw

He presented himself as Day
the carrier of all nights
carrying the dreams of the world on his shoulders
I carry with me all the reflections
you tend to forget the moment we meet
a heavy burden he called it

And I was determined not to let him carry mine

In the beginning I refused to exist elsewhere
I stayed asleep, wrote down where I had been
only resulting in the existence of nothingness
I was dreaming of white, blank sheets flickering in front of my images
cause I had lost contact with where I was outside of it all

When I responded to those blank sheets
I had to relieve myself from what they were
and where my dreams were headed
everything to keep the burden away
from the lucid man
lurking in the corners of my consciousness

I was bound to fail
for every day I tried to connect the fragments
from my Rem
he stole the other fragments away
every day I woke up, I knew that they where lost forever

Refused to let go of those dreams
never got close again
I get a lot of new ones
but I will never forget the ones that got away

And the man that went by the name of Day
Carrier of the night
all dreams and burdens

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4 Responses to A 365 daily Challenge – Day 26

  1. xoxosanaz90210 says:

    I like the idea of stolen dreams!! Imagine if it were real, even dreams would have to be policed.
    Umm, there were two typos. “I meat a man with dark eyes” Not sure if this would be ‘met’ or ‘meet’.
    And in the sixth and fifth stanzas, you switched ‘were’ with where.

  2. chad waller says:

    Like the ideas behind this poem. You really capture dreams pretty well and how fleeting they are, and the personification of that is really cool.

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  4. I love the imagery you portray here. It’s quite chilling.

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