A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 23

Day 23
Topic: Freedom
Topic given by: Joe Kieran

Wires entangled into chaos
The word we chose to represent the untangling, was freedom
Crawling around to find a safe socket
To catch a breath from this

I could also call this, it
Or that or everything in between
And so it seems to reveal itself towards the need of existing in peace
But it was just a dream
 It is still just a dream
And the dream and reach for freedom
Is the most entangling vision of them all
It makes you weak
The opposite of breathe carries no name
Only the expression of holding it or not to
And that’s exactly what you do
And your wires too
That’s exactly what you do when you expect something new to come 

We search for a catch of breath
Cause Thats what freedom does
It gives you rest
And your wires too

But you fail to realize
That freedom is right in front of you
It is in you
But your wires are holding you back
Caught in an experience
Of fear of not being free

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4 Responses to A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 23

  1. joleefinch183 says:

    This is so beautiful!
    Thank you for this. 🙂
    PS. What’s this “challenge” about? If I’m not mistaken, people send you topic ideas and you write about them? ^-^

  2. danielccooper says:

    Thank you firstly for your following my blog: danielccooper.wordpress.com
    It has only been 3 days since I launched it, and the response has been great. The theme is my past experiences in Asia, and my future ones to come, as well as encouraging other minorities to go abroad as well. 2nd, your daily challenges are very very impressive, I’ve never attempted something on that scale, keep em coming, I will read it everyday~

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