A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 21

Day 21
Topic: Passions
Topic given by: AB

The journey starts between the drug
I often exclemate the starting point
The first push of a button
Releasing every drug I could ever bear in the future
By future I off course mean the next step
And by drug I mean  what you have already read and what has kept you interested so far

Enough to let yourself jump across the bridge to catch the ride into the next lines.

Catching the emotions in a line
Knowing how easily this could be a horrible creation, as my bloodline is left naked in hope of creating something good

Throwing myself off this bridge every day
Is the only thing making sense
As the belovedness of what I love
Is drenched in the rivers flowing underneath it.
So I must gasp for air to dive into the experience and sustain a sane approach to how I present this .
Melancholy with a touch of hope and love
Glue my passion together
Keeping me in fair distance with the grim

I am the drug that drives me forward
You are my drug release

These words are merely a link between us
That keeps us here

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5 Responses to A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 21

  1. A poem a day is a tough challenge. Good luck with it. Many thanks for following my blog. I appreciate it.

  2. kennymack2 says:

    Yup! That’s why we writeOur opiates flow thru the ink in our veins.

  3. Hi MesAyah, what a challenge you have. Great work. And thanks for following.

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