A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 19

Day 19
Topic: illusion
Topic given by: AB

Lost the image of myself,
behind what I thought was shapes of something great
Outlines of grand pyramids
Forced my needs to reach the tip of the allusive iceberg it represented

I built illusions I never thought could catch me
I built illusions that could reach everything but my self

Everything I could do to keep problems at an arms length would be a help in forgetting who I am.

Before I kissed it better
I had the illusion that sorrow carried no strength
So all I had to do was to paint strength in my eyes and in my smile
Until the one day that I finally cried
And the paint ran down my face
And left a face open and naked for a punch

That never came

So I kissed myself
And tore down the illusion

Built straight
And felt for the first time

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3 Responses to A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 19

  1. poetic1717 says:

    This…truly reminds me of one of my characters…awesome. Thank you for sharing.

  2. All I can say is “wow!” I really enjoyed reading your blog.

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