A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 15

Day 15
Topic: Throathy whisper

Heavy resonance
Vibrating to the tones of her vocal chord
Breath held back in a threshold

The pressure is so much harder
Than the sound 
That suddenly emerges from her tongue
After a few seconds

I realize it’s not her  mothers one
That her mother’s probably gone
Wishing it was over
Realize it’s never done
The word she whispered crushed me
Now I wish I was the one
As I witnessed what her father’s done

I releaved her throat
With a single finger on her lips
Signal of rest
To calm her signals of distress

Body language spoke of horror
Her face spoke less
Her chin kissed the mounting of her chest
Lips sealed
Arms bent
Around her knees to get a grip of safe

A glimpse of faith


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