A 365 daily challenge: Day 5

Day 5
Topic: Bipolar

The flame started burning
the blue flame that flared inside
wanted to burst open his chest
and just burn out
agitated, on his tip toes
he steps around trying to fix the imperfection

anxious, guilty and sad
he tries to unveil the hopelessness
untangling the entangled bond
that has haunted him for days
why can´t he just fix this rage
the bubbling of his blood
as he tames the last lion in his brain

If someone could just sustain these patterns
and keep the uplifting manners
that really matters
in control over the manic madness

he could at least sleep for one whole night

He is told that only his pills will help him
So he stays up all night, painting what the doctors gave him
flowers of flesh and blood
unicorns making love to them
and his vocal chord singing its last serenade
to release the pain of the blue flame burning




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2 Responses to A 365 daily challenge: Day 5

  1. I really liked the flow of this piece and how the words perfectly depict how it is to be bpolar.

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