A 365 daily Challenge – Day 4

Day 4
Topic: The tree, the bird and the sky

birdI think it feels safe now
It just appeared one day
with a soft touch
that had me amazed

this small creature
kissed the surface of this big beast
with arms that reached out in every direction
it must have believed it was a sign of kindness
And as you have seen
over the last decades
that might have been the reason why I let it sleep here
in the first place

with its legs
the bird attached itself like it was home
and I started watching over it
covering it with my leafs
as you tried to challenge our beliefs
by bringing rainy storms in our direction

I got more to feed over the years
families formed
and families left
under my supervision
I had my hands full
and you made sure that I was home

Looking back at it now
I understand why you did that
without you
my arms would have been empty
my purpose unfulfilled

Thats why I reach closer and closer to you
for each year passing



Thank you Merridy 2013 for the topic

http://englishmanual.wordpress.com/ Merridy 2013

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