A 365 daily challenge: Day 3

Day 3
Topic: false infinity

A vision of a constant
Held in the same hand
As Infinite proportions
Tied with loose ends
That slightly bends around the universe
With a tight knot
Perfectly centered to restrain you 
From paiting planets in your palms
To keep trace of yourself in the bigger picture

Diverse enough to understand the concept
But consequence and common sense
Are thrown away
Cause the hand is only firm enough
To get a grip around what matters now

Should infinity excist
It would only be on false pretenses
The loop excist through acceptance
And really see yourself merely as the part you play

But for the blind with their hands tied
Death is pretty constant
If you can’t see excistence
Beyond your own

If we all were blind
Infinity would end tomorrow

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5 Responses to A 365 daily challenge: Day 3

  1. Lindy Lee says:

    Some interesting propositions in this poem, MesAyah. Glad you’re doing another 365…

  2. Hi MesAyah, thanks for the follow and I love the idea of sharing and working with other artists on the 365 challenge. I’ll keep reading. Katherine

  3. Hi Thanks for introducing yourself by following our site. We look forward to exploring yours. If you’re on Facebook we also invite you to visit the RAXA Collective page. See you there!

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