A 365 daily challenge: Day 2

Day 2
Topic: Snow green

Naked surface
With small spots
Covering the hope for a better tomorrow

Acres of green
Where the only white seems invisible
It brought the light
But now even that seems impossible

I wanna breath screams the snow
Like nothing else matters
But the green grows so fast
And the white can’t keep the pace up
So the snow Slowly fades
And cries over the spilled landscape
He breaks
In the middle he breaks 
And divide itself from what seems familiar
His new half brother now melts
before he becomes one with his enemies

The snow cries his last tears
But just enough to still be here
He refuse to give up the hope
Of being reunited with his family

This year

While the green surface smiles 
Being able to provide 
His newborn babies with fresh fluids

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2 Responses to A 365 daily challenge: Day 2

  1. Refreshingly beautiful and heart felt sentiment:)

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