What is freedom?

I have been so lucky in my life to get to know and evolve around freedom, the personification of freedom was a part of my life for over 12 years, he taught me how to see beyond, he taught me how to accept and love the present and take the past and the future as what it was, old and new experience. Our conversations always discussed existence and what pure existence was, and especially what was not existing. The free human had nothing to do with life itself, but the state of being, in the search for freedom lied the unconditional love that made us see life for what it was. Suddenly he was gone, and left me with nothing but love and the last words of freedom.

But I am not free, I fear I never will be now. I keep on reminding myself of our words that we shared, but my fear of actually pretty irrelevant circumstances holds me back. I refuse to give up, but it is like a hand grabbing my shoulders and refusing me to just dive in. I am all alone with what I know, I kept my silence, we are all just a metaphor for everything.

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7 Responses to Freedom

  1. free from the need to be free

  2. Aurora says:

    Freedom from dependencies

  3. alghaumon says:

    Since you’ve given, do look at the post “A SMILING DOG”. The story has much to do with YOUR path. It’s about the last “FLAME” (J.C.Davis*)
    History is the TOOL of the GENIUS.

    *music: Damn Girl”

  4. You are free. You have always been so. You will ALWAYS be free!!!!!

  5. purehaiku says:

    thank you for the follow – am following you back! I like your profound blog

  6. kamib314 says:

    Freedom can be a lot of things. I enjoy having secret feelings, thaughts etc that nobody knows about. Its all my own and thats a kind of freedom, to have a world inside that nobody can change. Because im silent about it.

    But freedom is such a strong word…

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