New Poem 2014 : Reflections


I saw creation on the back of my eyelids

I pasted it forever on my Iris

the beautiful image of growth

small tender hands reaching towards the unknown

building stepping stones to provide false hope

I wanna stay asleep or in a dream state forever

to be the guide for something I can´t control


So I try to bring in faith

and even though it brings smiles to their face

I see that the true self fade

cause deep inside they know inside of nothing

lies nothing

and that nothing will never become something

just by believing it

My eyelids had now been closed for so long, they started shaking

but I refused to let go before I had spread true love

But from my eyes I could do nothing else than just watch

as the image slowly died



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6 Responses to New Poem 2014 : Reflections

  1. Lindy Lee says:

    “Reflections” reflects reality, how life is & how we might wish it to be. Thank you for another beautiful poem, Mesayah…

  2. dirtyterry says:

    There is great empathy in this piece.

  3. Thanks for the follow! This is a great piece. I’ll be looking out for more ☺ Kate.

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