Poem: The old man in the corner

Looking back in time I found what i wrote in my 365 daily challenge on this day in 2011

Looking back a couple of years, still early in the 365 daily challenge. January was the month where I started to see a change in my writing and especially around this verse about the old man in the corner. You know that old man we all know to well, the one we always see when we grab an early beer on a Wednesday on the local pub, the one with all the stories, but sad eyes. the man with experience but no one to share it with. this verse was all about him.


Day 70 11th of January 2011
Topic: The Old man in the corner

How did I end up here
after 80 turns, is still sit on the same spot I´ve had for the last 40 years
Been sippin on the same beer for a couple of hours now
must admit that the fizz is starting to die out
Just like my energy
I use to feel electric, now the electric is placed inside of me
and the energy died right after that surgery
right along with, empathy, sympathy
and the melody inside was silenced mentally
I don´t think anyone would realize what that melody meant to me
I use to dance to it in my dreams,
but i knew it would go away, Eventually
I see tables filled with melodies surrounding my corner spot
I wonder how their sounds like, and If they recognize the sounds they got
They look to busy with grasping for the life they want
instead of opening their eyes inside themselves and start the golden haunt
They probably read a couple books, taken life under the magnifier
Still remember when I first saw life in the white eye and almost caught on fire
released from all the prior stages
I have flown through dying ages
Now I am on the last stage,
Where I can see that hope floating on younger faces
So all that I would change
is that the finish line could be much greater

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