The changes to Facebook pages cost artists a fortune

If you want to follow MesAyah on Facebook push like and favorite the page. —–>

Facebook are looking to make more money, so every artist , brand and business have to use promotion money and sponsored stories to reach their audience as a result Facebook  pages are suddenly getting a lot less traffic, and it’s threatening the possibility to share music and news with your followers on Facebook. Mid 2013, Facebook changed the algorithm that determines which “stories” show up on the News Feed. The News Feed is that center column you see when you go to or open your Facebook app. That means that it will only show for those who have pushed on an article before, meaning I have to spend thousands of dollars on promoting one post out to several thousands, for a few clicks, in order to make sure more people see my next one. I have 3500 likes on my page, but I am lucky if 15 people will see my updates

If you want to keep on following your favorite artists or brands you have to push Like and then follow these steps. That way you can get all the updates from the artist and not just the few Facebook algorithms send through

1. Add Interest
Over on the left side of your home page, scroll to the bottom and you’ll see a heading called “Interests.” Below that you’ll see a link that reads, “Add Interests…” Click on this.

2. Create List
The next step is to create a new list. You’ll see the “+Create List” button toward the top, as shown below:


3. Select the Page
Find the page (or pages) you’d like to add to this list and select them.

4. Name Your List
Give your list a name and select who can see the list (Public, Private, or Only Me).


5. Add Interest to Favorites
After you’ve created your list, you can then navigate to it from your home page, mouse over the pencil icon next to it, and select “Add to Favorites.”


Hope to see some of you on facebook as well



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3 Responses to The changes to Facebook pages cost artists a fortune

  1. Andrew says:

    Really, it’s just one more piece of evidence suggesting that — as artists, as poets, as performers — we should not be on Facebook as our principal platform of social media. WE own our brands, we ARE our brands. We should own our names as websites, as part of our brand and our persona, and we should work to encourage our followers to follow us there.

    • MesAyah says:

      Amen to that, or Yes I totally agree:) I have that too though on as well, I feel it is sometimes even harder to encourage people to follow there though. I don’t know why, but maybe it is because trafiic is more visible on facebook and we are tricked by that

      • Andrew says:

        I think we’re tricked by it, but I also think that our fans are just as subject to the challenges of Facebook that we are — but have less to lose by succumbing. If I post my work to Facebook, I may lose my copy rights to their user agreements, although I have a better chance of going viral. If my fans and friends post stuff to Facebook just to be seen and noticed, but not consciously as artists or performers, they may not care that they lose rights to their creations; or care enough to recognize that the notice they get is an appropriate trade-off.

        As a teacher, I find that my students don’t WANT to be on Facebook. They’re moving to new social media platforms instead. And I think that if we’re going to capture new audiences, we have to find ways of leaving links which trail breadcrumbs back to ourselves.

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