New Poem – Summer

This is one of the poems from my last book “A lifecycle in Nihighnigma”


Dancing on the memories of eden

blossom in the presence of lust

caressing every step you take

flowers so fresh you can taste it

when the breeze tease your nostrils

and paints love on your forehead

you surrender yourself to everything

if summer had a name it would be gift

presenting herself on the table every morning

refusing to go away

and you would refuse to let her go

we seem to have gotten this tendency of worship

the light seem to opress us

it brings a paler shade of darkness to our light

dismantling us to just a small particle

that burns and breathes just for her

the making point of deprivation

if she would ever dissapear

we would wait forever for her return

Hope you enjoy it and maybe buys the book



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10 Responses to New Poem – Summer

  1. Very beautiful! How I long for summer! It’s currently -17 Celsius and snowing!

  2. moodymandi says:

    awesome voice 😀 and content!!!

  3. cherished79 says:

    Thanks for following my blog. Deb

  4. happycat13 says:

    Beautifully sensual!

  5. Great work! Keep it up.:)

  6. Mpumezo says:

    Beautifully written. Great work. I like.

  7. Beautiful poem and voice. The message sounds more powerful when spoken than read (especially late at night when it’s hard to concentrate on reading).

  8. Is this your voice? It is beautiful. So commanding and exact. Great job, MesAyah.

  9. annetbell says:

    Many thanks for the follow. I hope you return again soon and often. Lovey post you have! Thank you .

  10. The Picton Papers says:

    I love this – the language is so beautiful and enchanting, just like a warm summer’s eve x

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