The reason why I write

End of the year reflections

Why do I write? ThIMAG0117e question comes to me often, and is also one of the most frequent questions I get. It always stumps me a bit, but I know it to well. I write because there will never exist a day or a reality where I can´t. There can be days and even weeks where I am occupied by “life” where I am not able to write, but I have to keep that to a minimum. I feel awful, almost sick, the moment I am not able, or are hindered to write. A life without writing would not be much of a life for me. My writing sessions are my time off, my way out, the creation of a universe where only I exist. When I write, nothing else matters, and that feels absolutely amazing. When I make music it is a little bit different, I have the same experience writing the lyrics to the song, but afterwards I have to amend it to fit into the schemes of my musical genre. So I have to walk back and forth between the universes to make it fit, but it is always the writing that feels the best, it is the place of freedom and space.

2012-04-28 20.04.30The other reason why I write moves more towards the reader and the listener. Ever since I started writing, I have had the vision about the ONE, that one listener that feels something good, bad and connect to his or her emotions within the minutes reading or listening to my work. If I can write or perform something that makes the listener or reader just as free and emotional as I do while creating it, I have achieved more than I could ever dream of. I have to make one thing clear though, I do not write to change peoples view on life or opinions, I write to make them feel, and if that gives them another perspective on life, so be it. I do not write for others, I do not write for affection or fame, I write for myself, I write for my own good, I write for my own sanity. Then I share my thoughts with the world, and let the world let it sink in.

This was some late december reflections that I wanted to share with you, hope you all will have a wonderful new years eve and I will see you in 2014



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20 Responses to The reason why I write

  1. Excellent explanation of what writing means to so many of us.

  2. Happy New Year. Writing is such a soulful experience and food for thought. I cannot imagine a life without writing:)

  3. incaunipocrit says:

    Reblogged this on The International Blogspaper.

  4. Pilar Guerrero says:

    I write for very similar reasons, which makes me gald to find someone living in a very different part of the world who shares the same feelings for writing.
    Have a happy new year’s eve and a wonderfu 2014.
    Greetings from Santiago, Chile!

  5. fictionfitz says:

    very good, I look forward to your thoughts in 2014!

  6. moodymandi says:

    Very cool! Looking forward to more! Thanks for the follow! It is awesome that you are so talented and creative!
    I love writing as well-used to write poetry a lot and but lost all of my work in 2004 when I lost my mind *But that’s a blog in itself*– but now I’m a blogger with a focus on inspiring others, connecting with those who are struggling in ways that I am and have, and just a diverse audience as well. My goal is to be of encouragement to people, or at least somebody via my site, and my words, you know? We all have a story; our own flavor. Its interesting to learn of these stories here…words are powerful, as you already know 😀

  7. lifelifedeathdeath says:

    That is totally my opinion too.
    Btw, you are a very talented artist.

  8. Have to agree. We write because we have to. It is something in our blood, a form of meditation and something of an addiction. Thanks for the thoughtful blog. –Curt

  9. Paige says:

    This explanation is brilliant. I was in a stump just a minute ago, and now I have the strongest urge to write something that not only will get that one other person’s emotions burning, but mine as well. Thank you for the simple inspiration!

  10. Thank you for the recent follow…
    my daily motivational blog has a new (2014) address…

    Looking forward to being inspired by your posts…

    If I don’t let the words out, put them somewhere I can see them
    and use them to reflect on the condition of my sanity,
    surely my head will explode.

  11. incaunipocrit says:

    Reblogged this on The International Blogspaper.

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  13. angieswonderland says:

    I’m an instant fan 🙂
    Thank you.

  14. appyd44 says:

    wow.!! 😉 m Compelled to instantly follow you.. hehehehe. your writings are mesmerizing… 🙂 thank you!!!

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