Competition time: Three signed copies of ” A lifecycle in Nihighnigma” up for grabs


Book cover front

Competition time: It is now only a week left before this book goes out on sale in stores around the world. I have three copies I want to sign and give away to you guys and it is dead easy, no hard questions this time. Everyone that push like on this post will be in the draw for a free copy, if you put a comment underneath here on why you want a copy, your name will be put in twice in the bowl. Good Luck



Just so you know what you are in for:



Reversed in the cycle

Wrongdoings under the light

Dissected with the scalpel to find the core

Distortion before beauty

The organs play the part as salvation

Embalming the wounds that where openly closed

Pain changed the game

Flipped coins to avoid decisions

The answer stayed the same

So did the pain


Never forget the past

Indigenous had no value

Help was something we where

Inevitable was the result of what we lived

Greatness was not something you achieved

Heaven did not exist

  Nor did hell

In depth we wandered for answers

God was not a name

More a state of mind

All was just a metaphor for everything


We were all Nihighnigma

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14 Responses to Competition time: Three signed copies of ” A lifecycle in Nihighnigma” up for grabs

  1. markwoff says:

    Hi there. I like books, poems, and your writing and outlook, so a copy of your book of poems would be a good way of bringing those interests together.
    I have a pedantic English teacher question, sorry: the spelling of ‘where’ above – deliberate, or do you mean ‘were’?
    Fingers crossed for the draw… and good luck with publication!

  2. “All was just a metaphor for everything.” So true. Thanks for following my blog. Am following you as well.

  3. Considering I’m just publishing a book myself, I like the idea of supporting fellow poets, which is why I want it. Also, like the poem you opened with here.

  4. Ben Naga says:

    You ask why. Just say it is not a million miles from some of my approaches and themes

    exempli gratia


    We talk about Truth
    but we spout only nonsense,
    for there is no Truth;

    there are only views.
    But I am spouting nonsense.
    Of course there is Truth,

    but it transcends words,
    so we can’t talk about it.
    Perhaps I should stop.


    Good wishes on your commercial venture. (And thank you for deciding to follow my other site.)

  5. smueri45 says:

    even if i didn’t like your poetry (did i say so or did I say i didn’t say so?) i’d support your voice like hell.

  6. babelsalvage says:

    Babel/Salvage is a small press in Seattle always on the look-out for great literature from all corners of the globe and the psyche. Thanks for sharing this.

  7. crazy11lady says:

    A depth and continual changes ~ a like minded soul ~ thank you for following my blog 🙂 enjoy your day!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Winners will be announced tommorrow! Good luck

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