The personal manifesto

Good evening/Morning, depending on where you at

“Don`t believe, you are someone” – Daniel Stokkan

Pain is something you can not control or hold back, no matter how hard you try it will be there with you, and the days will just be a variation of how much it will hurt. I Have delivered you a very dark dark fall so far, with the result of my daily life has been much brighter. I have focused on writing and creating my own personal “manifest” filled with my emotions and feelings and letting everything out, instead of just keeping within me and dealing with it from there. As many of you have told me earlier as well, art is a beautiful way of expressing the darkest of the dark. I have spent every dark corner, every little moment available on writing exactly what I feel, and it has been good.

I woke up one day in September and read through my work, Some present in the book, that was written before this summer, and realized that all my poetry was actually about my friend and what was happening from fall last year and up until this summer, I never intended it should be about him, it was just poems I woke up in the middle of the night with the urge of getting the words out that was spinning in my head. My subconsciousness that spoke to me to just get this words down on paper.

So I decided to just keep this up, and I started by writing this song you all have heard. Alone- Which where my first actual dedication to our long relationship.                

But it didn´t silence much of my need of writing everything out, there was so much left, there was so much, and still are so many answers left in me, I have stopped asking questions by now, that I needed to zone into and write out. So I stated working on the book, the emotional universe, the alternated version of a world with the weakness in hope of something more, and the strong belief in their own world, very much like every artists utopia of existentialism. It is very different from everything I have done before, no rhyming patterns, not so much wordplay. Just images, emotions and a rhythmic melodic flow in the words.

I am slowly guiding you into my Nihignigma, to tune you into our shared world of thoughts and emotion.

“The opposite of fighting, is dancing” – Daniel Stokkan 2013




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5 Responses to The personal manifesto

  1. alghaumon says:

    Thank Havens that there’s no twerking to this. Any time I need to Visit you always have a HEAPING cup of THOUGHT set for me.
    Great waves of PEACE,

  2. Great going – very inspirational …all the very best ..:)

  3. elizabethweaver says:

    I love your Stokkan quote!

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