The thoughts behind Nihighnigma

A little peak behind the created universe of Nihighnigma

Book cover frontIf someone asks me about this book, and what the idea behind it was I am going to be short and use just one word: Grief.

Grief started it all, and by that I do not mean that the entire book is written at grief point. I do not mean that this is a book filled will sadness, despair and darkness. Because it is not, it is actually filled with everything, it is all, and at the same time nothing. The kind of nothing filled with everything that life could ever offer you. The kind of everything, where you one day see it all and feel like nothing. It started with the thought of a place where emotions could become real if you just believed in them. The dream of an alternate universe, where your emotions lived in the people, in the creation and the mere existence of it. Some would call it a nihilistic approach towards our world, but I see it more as a way of allowing yourself to exist in it. I wanted to see how a lifecycle would look like if I created it just from the emotions I had inside of me. I wanted to see how pure emotions affected this world, and let myself be in control of fate or the mere lack of fate.

I wanted to create a world where all spectres inside of it, work together. Where you see what will happen if the living source of your life is taken away from you. I wanted to make the readers reflect on how they would deal with something like this, if it happened to them. The ultimate universe for that is Nihighnigma. It is a world where everything’s alive, just like you and me. The sun and the moon have a soul and human emotions, and work in a triangular relationship with nature and living beings. A world where every step, anyone take has an effect on the existence of us all. If some of it, or someone, is removed from this world, it affects us all in the end. Therefore we are forced to deal with it both in our own existence, in our lives and emotionally.           


The book is out 6th of December on Amazon

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3 Responses to The thoughts behind Nihighnigma

  1. simonhlilly says:

    Sounds like really something!

  2. shanuwater says:

    I feel your alternate universe, is where we are living . We are all connected; I wonder if you asked someone. “Do they know they are living in space. Most would probably look at you like WHAT? It sounds like a book, I would be enthralled with. Thank you.

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